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Hay fever and allergy

Hay fever

Many inflammatory diseases of the nose and nasal sinuses occur due to allergic reactions. The symptoms of “pollen allergy“ are particularly rhinitis, nose itching,  palate itching, sneezing and nasal blockage.


House dust and animal hair hypersensitivity

An allergic reaction to house dust mites occurs due to mites existent in any form of house dust. The main allergen in house dust has been identified as the excreta of mites.

An allergic reaction to animal hair is not caused by the hair itself but by sebaceous secretion, saliva or urine of the animal. These allergens cling to the animal hair and are spread this way and also by the dust in the air.

When allergens enter the mucosa of the eyes, nose and bronchial tubes they can initiate an allergic reaction. By an exposure to allergens, symptoms such as watery eyes, itching, coughing, rhinitis, attacks of sneezing, reactions of the skin and, in severe cases, even shortness of breath and allergic asthma, may occur.