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Anti-Aging with the collagen-light therapy device BeautyLite - for a visibly tighter and younger skin

For a long time it has been a dream of human beings to reach a beautiful and tight skin. But wrinkles and other signs of age can not be stopped, because with the increasing age the skin looses collagen. In order to preserve beauty and youthful appearance up to a higher age, people spend a lot of money for beauty products. From year to year cosmetic surgery becomes more and more popular.


The collagen-light therapy is a gentle way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and to improve the appearance of the skin. The collagen level can be increased again with the collagen-light therapy devices BeautyLite BL 70 and BL 110.


Collagen for a tight connective tissue and a youthful smooth skin Collagen is the magic word for a youthful firm and smooth skin. It is an important component of the connective tissue and gives it stability and elasticity. The collagen consists of skin-firming proteins, which are out of very fine fibers. The water which is stored in the collagen provides for the elasticity of the skin. But also the ligaments, tendons and bones get more elasticity.   Decreasing collagen level with the beginning of the age of 25 With the beginning of the age of 25 our cell regeneration reduces. Every year the collagen level reduces by approximately 1 %. The decreasement of the body’s own collagen production leads to unpleasant signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite and loosing skin, first in the face and décolleté area. The elasticity of the connective tissue, muscles, ligaments and tendons can reduce too. The connective tissue of the skin assembles and disassembles every day. With increasing age the collagen depots decrease and get harden. Collagen-Light therapy units BeautyLite for a natural anti-aging of the skin With the collagen-light therapy devices BeautyLite BL 70 and BL 110, the body's own production of collagen, elastin and hyaluron can be stimulated again. The gentle, red light with a wavelength of approx. 580 - 630 nm, can reduce the causes of skin aging from the inside successfully. The light reaches the deeper skin layers which are responsible for the production of collagen. In comparison to the collagen-light therapy the anti-aging creams only reach the outer skin layers. By using the collagen light therapy units the collagen fiber network is enabled to retain moisture in the form of water. This is only possible in the youth. The pleasant and harmless light of the BeautyLite BL 70 and BL 110 can lead to a visible anti-aging effect with younger, fresher and smoother skin. Wrinkles and fine lines can be filled and reduced, pores can be refined and the appearance of the skin texture can be improved. With the regular application of the BeautyLite, elasticity and firmness of the skin and the connective tissue can be increased. The collagen-light therapy application is very pleasant, harmless and has a very fast medical effect. Even 20 minutes per day are enough to have a positive effect. The high quality and modern DAVITA® collagen-light therapy devices BeautyLite BL 70 and BL 110 can be purchased from pharmacies, medical shops, specialized dealers for medical devices and via the internet.