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Iontophoresis therapy

The therm "phorese" is of Greek origin ("pherein") and means "to carry"

By „Iontophorese” we understand a controlled application of ions (charged particles) as e.g. atoms and molecules by means of the skin, using a galvanic current.


Possible Applications of Iontophorese


Mainly, Iontophorese is used as:


  • Tap water-Iontophorese as a remedy for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Iontophorese as a means to import medicaments via the skin


With the help of tap water-Iontophorese the excessive sweating on hands and feet as well as in the armpits can be reduced or stopped successfully. Here a weak ionic current is used to desensitise the patient’s sweat glands.


Another field of application of Iontophorese is the painless feeding of medicaments through the skin.


Hereby, medicaments are passed with the help of ions through the skin into the bloodstream and tissue. Thus penetrating deep into the inner body, for local treatment.


The liquid or ointment-like medicaments used for this, mainly contain pain-relieving or anti-inflammatory substances.


They are positioned under the electrodes and thus charged positively or negatively by the emitted current.


This way, medicaments  such as the following can be dispensed:


  • antirheumatic drugs
  • medicaments for vascular dilation and
  • softening local anaesthesia


This kind of application makes it possible to bring in large quantities of drugs and ointments. The high concentration of drugs can often achieve better effects. Rheumatism ointments, for instance, can act much better if applied this way.