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Itch relief


During summer months many people suffer from painful stings caused by mosquitoes, gnats and horseflies. Most frequently it is a mosquito that stings.


Mosquitoes have more or less the size of the head of a match. There are about 45 blood-sucking species. However, only the female mosquitoes sting as they do require the proteins contained in blood to develop their eggs.


In spring, the first mosquitoes hatch out and torment the life of many people. During summer months, particularly in close, warm weather, there are many mosquitoes around. Although there are a few people who are never or only occasionally pestered and stung by a mosquito, there are many others suffering from numerous mosquito stings.


Laboratory tests have shown that the probability to be stung is not related to the blood sugar level of a person but rather depends on the individual’s body odour and specific body heat.


While stinging,  the insects insert a protein rich secretion (saliva) into the skin, which renders the blood less coagulable and activates the immune response. The body reacts with a release of histamine. Antibodies are set free, causing symptoms such as persistent itching, swelling and reddening. If the itching spot is rubbed or scratched, the itching gets worse and it may lead to infections.


People suffering from allergies against insect venom must take special care.

The following symptoms can indicate an allergic reaction:


  • Increasing swelling and skin rash
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Breathing problems


Bee or wasp stings, in particular, can cause allergic reactions. In this case, the service of a medical doctor should be obtained immediately.


MosQuit® – fast, successful and without any side effects

MosQuit® – the electronic instrument against insect stings- can in up to 95 % of all cases successfully avoid and soothe itching, swelling and the risk of infection after stings from mosquitoes, gnats and horseflies. It takes only a few seconds and works effectively without employing any chemical additives.


This high-tech medical instrument is elegantly shaped in the form of a mouse.


Concentrated Heat as Principle of Effectiveness

MosQuit®  makes use of concentrated heat. After a sting, the itching spot is treated with a temperature of approx. 51° C.


The concentrated heat decomposes the insect venom  in the upper skin layer which consists of protein-rich secretion.


The optimal timing of the treatment is guaranteed by an integrated warm-up circuit and a temperature control device, that takes into account the temperature of skin and air.


Of course, the MosQuit® is equipped with an automatic timekeeper.

This way, negative consequences of insect stings, such as itching, swelling and risk of infection, can be avoided  without side effects and without any chemical additives.


MosQuit® is simple and safe to operate with only two buttons

For an optimal application, MosQuit® should be used immediately after a sting. But also a later application can effectively fight the negative consequences of an insect sting.


MosQuit® is simple to operate.

The following actions should be taken to obtain the best possible effect:


  • MosQuit®’s heating surface is under the nose of the mouse.
  • The heating surface must be placed exactly on the sting.
  • During application of MosQuit®, keep it pressed to the skin.
  • MosQuit® can be removed from the spot.